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Vision Next Foundation

In collaboration with Vision Next Foundation, our team conceptualized and executed an innovative event on World Vision Day, aimed at enhancing the lives of visually impaired students from The Poona School and Home for the Blind.

The pioneering idea was to organize a heritage walk, allowing these students to experience history through touch, sound, and narration. Our involvement extended beyond the concept, as we meticulously planned and organized the event, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

To commemorate this special day, braille leaflets were distributed to the students, serving as a tangible reminder of their unique journey. The event's success was measured not in metrics but in smiles and joy. Witnessing the delight on the faces of the visually impaired students underscored the impact of our endeavor. Two compelling films captured the essence of this heartwarming experience, showcasing the transformative power of inclusion and empathy.

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