The pillars that
build the bridges
for brands

Strategy +

A brand needs a thought process that defines its long-term approach in its segment. This is applicable both at the start of the brand’s journey or after a milestone in this journey. Through strategy and design, we build this roadmap for a brand, by utilising positioning, articulation and different design touchpoints.

Strategy +

Reaching out to the right consumer in the right manner, whether its B2B or B2C, is at the heart of a brand’s growth. A tactical activity, marketing communication focuses on evoking the right action and response from the consumers. We craft messaging that penetrates across media to achieve the desired impact for the brand.

Strategy +

While content has emerged as the buzzword in recent times, it has always been a crucial aspect of brand building. Good content is the key to unlocking the heart space and mind space of the consumer. At Setu, we conceptualise and execute content for brands that makes them the talk of the town, both online and offline.

Strategy +

The world has gone digital and it is only apt for brands to have the right digital presence to make sure that they are a part of the consumer’s online universe. We empower brands to create the appropriate brand and product awareness by leveraging the relevant digital platforms, while also helping them boost sales.