Our Offerings

The word ‘Setu’ literally means a bridge. That is exactly what we intend to become. A bridge that connects brands, ideas, personalities, and products to its relevant ideas. Every step on this bridge has been built with careful precision that involves research, a deep understanding of brands, the people behind them and an innate perception of what people need. This strategy is wholesome, appropriate and cuts through all customer touch points including Print, Radio, Design, Audio-visual media and Digital.

In the 32 years since its inception, one thing has remained constant at Setu, we are a ‘Startup at heart’. We strive to put forth a fresh and out-of-the-box approach to ideating and executing thoughts into tangible and memorable messages, that are capable of creating recall and appreciation for your brand.


At Setu, we believe that brands have a purpose and a capability to transform the society. In fact, by thinking and going beyond advertising and brand prepositions, we believe that all brands should talk like humans to humans. With this understanding, the thinktank at Setu deploys a methodical research-driven, humanistic, and problem-solving approach for every brand that it works on. This deep-dive approach is an effective way to uncover insights of a brand’s current status; and then decide where it should head in the future.


Put simply, design is strategy made visible and at Setu, it is the essence of whatever we do. Our team of designers generate path-breaking ideas to break through, transform and create an impact through timeless, iconic designs. As brand experts, it is our duty to develop designs for a brand that can create a personal relationship for the brand with every member of its desired audience.


Communication is the crux of building a strong positive relationship of your brand with your audience. We have developed into an expert regional player in the state of Maharashtra, when it comes to advertising communication. And we have mastered this art of communication by digging deeper, by questioning further, and by unearthing new insights about your audience to keep your brand relevant to them. Our approach to communication has helped brands of all shapes and sizes - across many sectors - make an impact, grow stronger, and communicate more effectively. Our full-service offering continues the brand journey and ensures that it rhymes across print, outdoor, radio, television, digital and other media.


Today, digital sits at the heart of marketing and is considered as the last mile of the overall marketing journey. As expert storytellers, we see a massive opportunity for our clients in this space. With the immense agility this space provides, we have always tried to ensure that brands utilise this space to build meaningful engagement with their customers. Invent new ways to do so, the idea is to increase the business performance of a brand. It is through this blend that we are able to positively tell brand stories to its audience.

AV Content

With the advancement in data speeds and higher consumption of audio visual content, our eternal love for storytelling has got new wings. Our team of passionate individuals works on various formats of audio visual content- corporate films, location films and product explanation video. It takes charge of all aspects of the production, to form a team of professionals that can handle high-end production and state-of-the-art equipment.

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