Having been established by a Marathi copywriter (Shri. Sharad Deshpande), we at Setu Advertising, feel a special bond with words. We believe that every word is a way of bringing a thought to life. From brain to hand and from pen to paper, the thought takes shape in our mind and then communicates with this world. Today, when technology has taken over the warmth of the ‘personal touch’ of words, we have tried to bring it back through Sharad76.Designed to mimic Shri. Sharad Deshpande’s handwriting, it blends good old-fashioned writing with the world of machines.


The font Sharad76, injects the personal touch of writing into the world of fonts. To ensure this, the original handwriting was studied in detail. The round and open characteristics of each letter, which is the most stand out feature of the handwriting, has been carefully incorporated in the font. At the same time, the samples showed that no two letters are ever exactly alike, which has been catered to while designing the font.


The essence of every handwriting is the slightest variation that occurs in a letter/character, whenever it is written. This is the biggest difference between a handwriting and a font. Sharad76 offers 4 variants of every letter that makes it look extremely realistic and breaks the monotonous nature of a font.