Yashwin Hinjawadi Launch

Addressing the anxieties of home buyers by opening them up to possibilities

An illustration-centric communication of residential project that turns around the expectations of home buyers into everyday lifestyle possibilities.

Home buyers are usually faced with innumerable questions before choosing and buying a home. These questions are the practical ones about the credentials of the developer, the project promises, the future scope and many other questions about the home. These questions, to some extent, take out the fun and the warmth of emotions associated with home buying for a family.

As Vilas Javdekar Developers set out to launch their project – Yashwin at Hinjawadi – it faced this challenge of addressing people’s anxieties. These anxieties, while being common to all prospective home buyers, became more significant with the primary target audience belonging to the IT sector at a location that is an IT hotbed.

At Setu, we decided to turn around these anxieties into possibilities. How? By connecting with the buyers in a way they look at a residential project. The result was a series of ‘What Ifs’ that every home buyer would ask the developer. All the pain points were addressed by giving out useful and substantial project information to them, by answering every What If.

To give out maximum information about Yashwin Hinjawadi, we reimagined the most important but underutilised communication tool in real estate – the brochure. Every chapter of the brochure answered one What If by giving information about the project. To make the brochure visually enriching to further soothe the buyer’s anxieties, we collaborated with Pascal Campion- an internationally acclaimed illustrator. While the information in the brochure handled the practical issues faced by the buyers, the illustrations added warmth to the communication.

The launch of Yashwin Hinjawadi met with tremendous success. All the homes were sold out on the day of the launch itself. At the same time, the communication left its mark on the hearts and minds of the home buyer.

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