Urja Next Packaging

Breathing life into a new-age drink

Nomenclature and packaging that made an already strong brand venture into a new segment successfully

While Kutwal Foods has been a successful brand in dairy and food segments, its flavoured milk, served under the name Urja, didn’t find many takers initially. Even though the product was an off-shoot of their existing strength, namely milk-based products, their flavoured milk needed something more to connect with the youth, the prime consumer of flavoured milk.

After a detailed study of the segment, we arrived at the conclusion that while the product was strong in its contents, it needed a makeover. There was an urgent need to redefine its identity, both in terms of its name as well as look-and-feel (packaging). Only then would youth notice the product and think of trying it out.

To be in sync with the aspirations of youth, the product was rechristened Urja Next. The typeface identified for ‘Next’ was contemporary and attractive. The tilted design depicted the energy offered by flavoured milk as a product, and made it one for the future.

In addition to a thoughtful combination of name and identity design, a bold, vibrant colour scheme held all the dynamic elements together. The desired TG quickly picked up ‘Next’ from the shelves.

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