Suhana RTC + Pravin Pickle Offer TVC

An offer-based communication with a ‘creative-strategic’ twist

Packaging an offer as a combination of market insights and unique execution to create a distinct consumer space for a new product of a national food brand

Suhana, a national food brand, recently added Pravin Pickles – one of the most loved pickle brands of Maharashtra, to its kitty. Soon, brand Suhana decided to introduce Pravin Pickles to the food lovers of Gujarat, a state where it has a strong presence. In Gujarat, the brand’s RTC spice mixes range is well established and has a strong distribution network.

To introduce Pravin Pickles in Gujarat, Team Suhana came up with an offer where on purchase of every RTC spice mix pack, the buyer would get a pack of Pravin Pickles worth Rs.10/- for free. The idea had a sound market logic of integrating a new product (Pravin Pickle) with a product having a strong market presence (in this case, Suhana RTC spice mixes).

At Setu, the challenge was to craft a communication for this offer (free pickle on RTC spice mix pack), such that, not only does it communicate the message effectively, but is also memorable.

With IPL on the horizon, and Gujarat having its own new IPL team, we decided to incorporate the flavor of cricket (India’s national passion), in the offer communication. The central thought was identified as “Match Winning Partnership” – a phrase central to success of any team in cricket, just like it is for a delicious meal. While Suhana RTC spice mix was the star player in the partnership, Pravin Pickle was identified as the “Little Master”.

With the idea in place, we decided to give the packaging a creative twist through the execution. Instead of regular offer communication, we packaged the “match-winning” thought through stop motion animation. A Siddhu styled commentary-voice over had vegetables announcing arrivals in a cricket stadium full of spectators. It welcomed the match-winning partnership, and simultaneously announced the arrival of Pravin Pickles in Gujarat.

While the TVC was extensively appreciated, the real clincher was the fact that the customers went out and tried the offer in Guajrat. Pravin Pickles had made a grand entry on the plates of Gujarat’s food lovers.

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