Suhana Ready-To-Cook Spice Mixes TVC

A nation’s passion that effortlessly underlined the product definition

Understanding the pulse of the nation to give a dynamic, contextual twist to the communication of an important product category of a national food brand

A national brand in the food segment, Suhana decided to go beyond its strong distribution network and connect directly with the end user. In 2015, the spices brand rolled out a TVC for its blended spices category – also conceptualized and executed by Setu Advertising – that enhanced its pan India product sale as well as brand recall.

The brand now wanted to create an effective and memorable communication for its Ready-to-cook (RTC) spice mixes category. While more than 35 variants and authenticity of taste were important product aspects, considerably less cooking time (ready in minutes) was the main product USP. The challenge was to position Suhana RTC range exclusively, in a relatively cluttered segment.

We at Setu wanted to showcase this product USP in a truly unique manner that would connect with the main target audience (the homemakers) and also get etched in the minds of their male counterparts. Understanding the passion and love that cricket commands in India, we decided to craft a communication based on one of the most traditional yet dynamic aspects of cricket in India – radio cricket commentary in Hindi.

While the high tempo, voiceover-styled radio commentary presented the RTC category like never before, the use of cricket phrases like ‘cut’, ‘drive’ and ‘free hit’ connected the product uniquely with the cricket loving audience.

The never ending cricket fever in India and the rising popularity of the fast-paced T20 format ensured that the TVC for Suhana RTC was noticed and liked by not just the ‘tastemakers’ in homes across India, but also by their male counterparts – something very few spices brands can boast of.

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