Suhana Blended Spices TVC

A social thread that connected hearts and kitchens across India

In-depth product understanding that helped a national food brand significantly enhance its market share through a well-crafted TVC

Suhana is a national brand in the food segment. The brand’s products find good distributorship across different regional markets and are appreciated by the people. In 2015, Suhana wanted to appeal directly to the end users for its blended spices segment to earn top of the mind recall.

In-depth research showed that people across India are connected by one single thread – their love for food that goes beyond regions. Setu latched on to this thought of “unity in diversity” and studied the blended spices range by Suhana, extensively. Eventually it led to a concept where any kitchen in India could make a delicacy of any other region easily, with the help of Suhana blended spices.

This thought was delightfully crafted in Hindi (to give it a truly national feel) as “Jo chahe jab chahe banayega India, dil khush kar dala kahega India”. The TVC showcased how a housewife in Mumbai could make delicious chhole while a couple in Chennai savoured homemade paav bhaaji (dishes that essentially don’t belong to that region) using Suhana blended spices. Two more instance were used form Kolkata and New Delhi.

The TVC earned a great response and recall for the brand. In fact, it led to Suhana’s best sales volume in a single quarter for blended spices ever. (Approx. 350 tonnes more than the previous quarter)

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