Sakal Pune Bus Day

Enhancing public participation through communication to drive a people’s movement

A straightforward but impactful identity that ensured clarity of communication and appealed to the people positively for participation.

Pune as a city is popular for the rising number of private vehicles on the roads, every single day. Not only does it increase pollution, but also adds to congestion on the streets. Sakal, Pune’s leading Marathi daily, wanted to illustrate to the local governance that people are willing to use public transport, if it becomes dependable. They conceptualised Pune Bus Day – a one day people’s movement where everyone would use a public transport bus.

The challenge was to create awareness among people and take the message to more and more people to increase the participation on Pune Bus Day. At Setu, we were tasked with designing the identity and communication for this event.

To ensure that more and more people know about Pune Bus Day, we created an identity that had the date of the event incorporated in it. With the identity being used in all touch points of branding and communication, the date – along with the event name – got circulated extensively. This helped in smartly registering the date of Pune Bus Day among the people of Pune, who were supposed to be the eventual participants, in making it a success. Badges with the event identity became extremely popular.

Since, no movement is successful without the participation of the citizens, we designed the communication based on inclusivity. A simple message of ‘I will’ was hammered across the city, showcasing how people from different walks of life – from tea stall vendors to lawyers – have pledged to participating in the Pune Bus Day.

The event was a grand success with almost 21% reduction in private vehicles on the road. People appreciated the campaign and continue to treasure the Pune Bus Day badges distributed on that day.

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