Pravin Pickle Campaign

Underlining the leadership position of Maharashtra’s most loved pickle brand

A simple linguistic tool with a strong cultural connect to make the communication a strong brand statement, while stating it in a matter of fact manner.

Pravin Pickles has been one of Maharahstra’s most loved and preferred pickle brand for many decades. Even in terms of market share, the brand was a clear leader. This was an especially important milestone, since the pickle segment is crowded with many town, city and region-specific players. The brand wanted to highlight this milestone and claim its leadership position.

At Setu, we decided to approach this communication opportunity differently. Since pickle brands don’t communicate much about the brand itself, there was a possibility to utilise this platform to emphasise not just on the brand name, but also showcase its popularity among the people.

To do this, we thought of celebrating the existing users of Pravin Pickles by showing how their choice of pickle is the most obvious and reliable choice in Maharashtra. We coined the campaign line ‘Loncha Pravinchach’ (If it’s pickle, it must be Pravin). Using a simple linguistic phrase prevalent in Maharashtra, the importance and leadership position of Pravin Pickle was established.

Additionally, for someone not consuming Pravin Pickle, it poked and provoked them to switch to Maharashtra’s preferred pickle. The communication was made to stand out with typography that was simple yet bold. The message was accompanied by the most loved pickle bottle of Pravin Pickles.

The campaign not only garnered appreciation, it resonated with the food lovers across Maharashtra. The market share of Pravin Pickles further went up, while strengthening the heart-to-heart connect with the people, through a simple yet quirky campaign.

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