PNG Store Launch

Instilling a sense of value by reinforcing traditions and fostering relationships

The rooted identity of the brand was reinforced with candid and compelling communication

For years, Pune and Punekars have placed their trust and love in one brand and one brand only and that is PN Gadgil. It is a part of Pune’ heritage and ethos and has been so for decades together. PNG 1832, carried forward this legacy of 185 years under the able leadership of Abhay Gadgil. Taking all the core values of the brand ahead, PNG 1832 fuses them with modernity and a sense of contemporary styling. The brand launched their first store in Pune at Nal Stop to give the brand a sense of connecting with the best of Pune. The team at Setu put together an effective strategy that tackled the challenge of presenting a new identity to Punekars without alienating it from the original legacy of the brand PNG. We did this with a seemingly simple communication of presenting PNG 1832 as the ‘Family Jewellers’ of Pune. The rationale behind using this approach was to reinforce the fact that the brand always took care of the customer’s interests with complete transparency and honesty, and always placed them above all else.

The store was launched during the auspicious days of Navratri and thus was perfectly positioned to align itself with the celebrations of the upcoming festivals, namely Diwali and Dussehra. Both of these festivals have been regarded as auspicious occasions to buy gold. The launch event was supplemented with a stunning outdoor hoarding campaign that carried the same message across the city of Pune. The tastefully done product shoot and digital amplification of the campaign on the e-commerce website and social media ensured that the message reached the intended target groups with equal warmth and connect. Resultantly, PNG 1832 successfully carved a niche for itself in the hearts of Punekars while keeping the legacy intact.

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