PNG 1832 Website

Striking a Golden Mean between tradition and modernity.

Giving a 185 year old legacy, a digital presence with the use of digital media.

A highly trusted and respected brand across Pune, PN Gadgil has stayed with the Punekars with undisputed royalty and rightfulness. Keeping the ethos of the brand intact, PNG 1832, was launched under the young and dynamic leadership of Abhay Gadgil. The new brand also carried forward this legacy of 185 years by keeping all the core values of the brand intact while fusing them with modernity and a sense of contemporary styling. To reflect this contemporary brand image, we designed a website that did exactly that.

By keeping the brand colors intact, the team at Setu correctly brought out the correlation with the brand while keeping the legacy at its core. The website highlights the brand’s focus on contemporary designs and modern outlook. While the top banners represent its latest offerings and on occasion, festive greetings, the subsequent units show its range and diverse designs. By dividing the range of jewellery into different categories such as Earrings, Bonds of Love (Rings), Souvenir Collection (Necklaces), and Silver Items.

Moreover, we also incorporated E-commerce on to the website by creating a catalog of various products and designs available at the store. This E-commerce platform garnered immensely positive reviews and responses from the users. Resultantly, the brand was able to assert its digital presence and also reflect a positive effect on sales.

By keeping the ethos of legacy, tradition, and a close attachment with every heart in Pune at its heart; PNG 1832 was able to re-assert its own identity as the ‘Family Jewellers’ of Pune. The website with its contemporary look and feel was able to connect with the youth effectively. In doing so, due to its simple interface and design, it was also accessed equally by the older generations with whom PNG 1832 wanted to strike a chord.

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