PKM Packaging

Wrapping an authentic preparation of Maharashtra with a strong local connect

Distinct imagery and packaging quality for products rooted in local culture that makes it appealing to new-age food lovers

Prakash Kolhapuri Masale, a quintessentially Maharashtrian brand, has been manufacturing different types of spices, chutneys and mixes that have a strong flavor of the region in them. The challenge PKM faced was not only the clutter created by many small-time players in this segment, but also establish its strong connection with the authenticity of Maharashtrian culture.

For the brand to tackle challenges on both these fronts and earn credibility in the eyes of age-old food connoisseurs as well as new-age food lovers, in terms of authenticity and taste; a smart solution was needed.

Revamping the packaging – both in terms of design and quality – addressed all these concerns effectively and definitively.

This Maharashtrian connection was established through a two-pronged design strategy. For the CTC range and masala range visual references of Maharashtra were incorporated. This involved use of temple arch of Kolhapur. For chutney packaging, this connection was established by using ancient art of Marathi calligraphy to spell out the name.

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