Pate Developers Identity

Adding an emotional perspective to a business idea

Designing the identity and philosophy of a real estate brand by connecting it with the most reliable physical space ever – a womb

Pate Developers has been a brand that has grown with the city of Pune through a long lasting association. Having redeveloped wadas and other old structures in the heart of city since 1984, the brand sought a new corporate identity in 2010, with the objective of connecting with newer audiences.

After studying and understanding the 25-year long journey of Pate Developers, we found out three distinct features that characterized Pate Developers and the homes developed by them: Warmth, emotional connect with the residents and an evolving relationship.

The trust and comfort the residents placed in their homes built by Pate Developers was reminiscent of the comfort offered by a mother’s womb to the baby. This interrelation gave us the key design element for the corporate identity – Leonardo Da Vinci’s idea of a womb.

The logo showcases a home as a womb for its residents and projects Pate Developers’ mission to build such spaces that have a character behind just the physical space. The orange colour and the soft, curved typeface accentuate this feeling of warmth. Lastly, the positioning line summarises the crux of every home built, which is “Welcome to Life”.

Corporate Address