Pandit Javdekar Identity

Showcasing brand values with a touch of intelligence

Identifying the key elements from a real estate brand’s set of values to shape its identity in sync with its mission

Pandit Javdekar is a name in Pune’s real estate segment that is respected and known for its passion for perfection and excellence in redevelopment. The brand sought to revise its corporate identity to fall in line with its newly defined brand policy.

While brand values sometimes end up remaining on the paper, our perspective of Padnit Javdekar, while designing their logo, was shaped by one iconic practice followed by them. The organisation gives every new joiner, irrespective of his job profile, a pair of framing squares (set squares). It is a unique way to imbibe the organisational value of delivering perfection in design and everything else that PJ does.

Inspired by this practice, we started studying the framing squares and through the design logic of positive and negative space, created the characters P and J with a set of framing squares.

This intelligent, minimalistic yet highly comprehensive design not only captured the newly defined brand policy, but also reflected the passion of Pandit Javdekar. Obviously, it was appreciated by peers and people.

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