Naksh – Ethnic Wear Identity

Carving an identity that becomes synonymous with premium ethnic wear

Connecting the features of a brand’s new offerings with a distinct and popular identity that simulates aspirations in the target group

Mens Avenue is one of Pune’s reputed menswear retail brands. In 2012, they set out to launch a premium ethnic wear collection that was especially suited for weddings. The challenge was to create a niche for this offering by building an aura around it that aptly portrayed its richness.

To successfully launch this brand, Setu identified three important milestones: a distinct brand name, an exclusive identity and stand out communication.

Naksh was finalized as the name that referred to the features of a groom. The name had a distinct Sanskrit flavor to it that made it sound regal. The ethnic wear collection was inspired from the royals of Rajasthan. This connection was used to identify the typeface, a highly royal cursive font.

Further, the communication carried the visuals of the kings of Rajasthan and their convoy, with the king sitting on an elephant that underlined the grandeur of the ethnic wear collection.

Overall, the three milestones allowed Mens Avenue’s Naksh to successfully become a part of Pune’s ethnic aspirations.

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