Jai Hind Sale Wah Guru

Simplicity that celebrated the common ingredient of kitchens across Maharashtra

The legacy and presence of a regional spices brand that was crafted and conveyed effectively, using a simple cultural connect.

Monsoon season is the season of sale for almost all brands, especially in the fashion segment. To break the clutter and add glamour to sale-based communication, we conceptualised a uniqe character-based campaign - Sale-Wah-Guru. Using exaggerated illustrations, we established him as the ultimate guru of sale shopping. We also crafted a specific tone of Hinglish language, which would connect with the target group and make the communication informal. Even the radio campaign had a specific voice and tone for Sale-Wah-Guru.

Over a period of almost 2 months during the sale, Sale-Wah-Guru gave tips to shoppers about doing the best shopping with Jaihind sale. A property called ‘Sale-Wah Guru Ke Funde’ was created. It came up with sale shopping tips in the character’s unique style. These tips/fundas formed the sale communication for Jaihind. The brand earned tremendous visibility during the sale season and had a truly clutter-breaking flavour to its entire communication.

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