International super kite festival 2015

Connecting cities and people across age groups

Giving the people of pune and panjim, cities known for their laidback lifestyle, a unique reason to come together and celebrate

In 2014, Setu conceptualised and executed Pune International Kite Festival, in association with Sakal Media Group, to give people from different age groups a common platform to enjoy, other than the established music and dance festivals of Pune city. After witnessing the participation of more than 35,000 people, the platform was made bigger in 2015, which would go places, literally.

In 2015, the event was rechristened International Super Kite Festival (ISKF) and another city was added to the itinerary – Panjim in Goa. The typeface for ISKF was straightforward and vibrant. Also, the logo unit looked like a kite that carried the essence of the event. With both cities having a laidback lifestyle, Panjim more than Pune, the activity of kite-flying found many takers.

Super kites, humungous kites that are way bigger than the biggest regular kites, adorned the skylines of both these cities on 24 and 26 January 2015, as 41 international kite flyers from 20 countries enthralled them.

More than 65,000 people participated in ISKF across 2 cities to reinforce our well-researched belief that kites connect people from all age groups.

  • International super kite festival 2015
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