Haware Meadows Launch

Need-based messaging that was able to reach the audience at the right time

The legacy of the brand was effectively fused with the needs of homebuyers to create a message that was simple and yet compelling.

A well-known and trusted name in the real estate of Mumbai, Pune, and beyond, Haware Builders is a brand that inspires immediate assurance and security. When this reputed builder devised a project at Neral on the outskirts of Mumbai, Setu took up the responsibility of creating a communication for the launch.

With this objective in mind, we decided to answer questions that are in the mind of every home-buyer. When is the right time to buy a home? How do I ensure a secure future for my family? Whom should I place my trust in?

Setu stepped in to answer the same with a very simple, to-the-point and yet, an extremely effective communication message, which reinforced the fact that NOW was the ‘Right Time’ to buy a home. Haware Builders, being a trusted name in affordable housing was the perfect and most compelling factor. Thus, Haware Meadows was launched by highlighting the perfect opportunity of owning a home at Neral just 2 minutes away from the railway station.

A trusted name in real estate with an affordable and yet well-planned project just was the ideal proposition!

Through the outdoor communication via hoardings and OOH, we stated the fact that this was the perfect time to make a smart home-booking decision in Neral with Haware.

This outdoor campaign was supplemented by the release of an article that was aimed at giving details about Neral and Haware Meadows. Neral’s development potential too was captured in this advertorial which created awareness about the area and the new project.

For maximum reach and visibility, we executed station branding extensively in Mumbai. This kept the buzz about the brand going and also ensured brand connect with the masses for a respective offer.

A digital campaign was launched on similar lines as the mainline campaign and through lead generation, the team was successfully able to generate buzz and offer quality leads. The digital campaign also ensured that we reached the right clientele and helped reinforce the message across various touch-points.

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