Happy Scoops Packaging

A cool identity and packaging that resembles the product

Insightful research that made both the product and the brand desirable, giving them good shelf space and mind space

In May 2013, Kutwal Foods sought a name and a packaging to go with it, for their range of ice creams with real fruit extracts. Through our research we figured out that segment was highly competitive with many local brands vying for the customer’s attention.

To stand out in this clutter, the product required two distinct features – a simple yet attractive name to capture the essence of celebrations and happiness that is associated with ice cream globally, and a packaging to make the product stand out, while maintaining the brand’s Indian-ness (to leverage the local connect of the umbrella brand).

Blending market research with creative inputs we finalised the name ‘Happy Scoops’. It aptly defined the product and captured its flavor accurately. In packaging, the use of fresh and vibrant colours allowed us to showcase the essence of real fruit extracts and multiple flavours offered by Happy Scoops. In order to keep the local connect intact, traditional Indian graphics were used that accentuated the feeling of happiness and joy.

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