Crafting an identity for a space filled with Creativity, for the city that lives through creative expression.

Rebranding the identity of an existing brand by the use of a dynamic and vibrant website interface

Pune has always been known as a centre for the arts, in fact, one of its monikers is ‘Kaleche Maherghar’ (A place where art comes home). It is often said that most of the performance and creative arts find their roots and their patrons in this city of creativity. With this thought firmly in mind, a brand identity was created that positioned Creaticity as the centre of Pune’s creative expression. Instead of taking the traditional way to launch the website and the mall itself, we took a highly imaginative approach. We launched a contest titled. “ What is Pune?’ We asked the Punekars to describe their city in one word. The results for the same were released and coincided with the brand’s and the website’s release.

Being a brand that focussed on the values of co-creation, and the democratisation of art; the website needed to reflect the same aesthetic. Thus, the Setu team took it upon themselves to create a website that was highly dynamic, vibrant, and interactive. For the purpose of listing out the myriad of offerings that this shopping mall in Pune has, we segmented the offerings into 5 major categories, namely, Foodcity, Playcity, Educity, Eventcity, and Homecity. Every restaurant was listed under Foodcity, all the events fell under Eventcity, furniture, and home decor items under Homecity and so on and so forth. By keeping a vibrant and attractive color palette we also made the website dynamic and responsive. Each city was assigned a specific colour and all the offerings, offers, events etc. that happened there would be displayed on the website using the corresponding color theme. In keeping with the wireframe of the Creaticity’s logo, we used icons and logos on the website in the same format. Each of the ‘City’ pages, when clicked on, opened to a details page which listed all the brands falling under it. Similarly, all the brand specific offers were also listed under the same brand details page. Additionally, we also integrated the blogs on to the website itself so that they would be easily accessible.

By making the website highly creative, interactive, and dynamic; we were able to keep the brand’s promise and its identity consistent.

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