Central for Talent Test

Creating an engaging and interactive interface for an examination focussed on providing better education and test preparation

Using an interactive digital experience to aid test preparation and studies.

Centre for Talent Test is an innovative, continuous, and thoroughly independent online assessment method. It is designed to answer every parent’s concern about their child’s future, through an evaluation of their subject-wise aptitude and personality counseling. The question bank at CTT has been developed by thorough professionals. Over 1000 of the best and highly experienced professionals in the education sector have developed a question bank for each and every subject. The website also offers an independent assessment to the students along with a 24/7 access to the online forum.

The objective was to give this wonderful initiative, an online presence through the use of an engaging and interactive interface. The website design and development team set out to do exactly that. By using a bright and attractive colour scheme of yellow and blue, the website is able to retain and attract attention. Due to the use of the simple, yet highly engaging interface, students are constantly kept on their toes even while they take an exam. The exam pattern was such that students had to have their front cameras switched on while taking a crack at the questions. This helped the in-house analysts to understand the students and conduct their psychological profiling. Moreover, it also helped to curb the instances of cheating or any other malpractice. The exam was set to be taken in 60 Minutes, and the time limit for answering one question was set at 30 seconds. To denote this fact, a countdown timer was set that would count down the minutes from 60 as well as an individual time limit for each question. The final prize at the end of the Talent Test to be conducted in a specific month would be that the 1000 Top scorers will be eligible for the scholarship of Rs. 5000 which will be updated on the website. By incorporating an FAQ section on the website, CTT was able to dispel all the common doubts that prospective exam-takers or parents may have.

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