Crafting a reassuring promise of a home by the seaside

Connecting home buyers to the digital representation of buying a plot by the seaside at Ladghar, Konkan.

Buying a vacation home by the seaside is every vacationer’s dream. However, this particular nature of land/plot buying is rife with doubts, questions, and prejudice. Athaang, a project of NA plots at Ladghar, set out to fulfill this desire of future home-buyers. Each plot is located on a hillside facing the sea, so that the prospective buyers can have an uninterrupted view of the sea, no matter how many houses are built on the adjacent land plots. The same information was represented on the website with a highly attractive and engaging interface. The sea-facing nature of the plots along with the hillside location was sure to be a major pull for the prospective buyers. By the virtue of its name ‘Athaang’ stands for limitless or infinite. Thus, the homepage featured an uninterrupted panorama of the Ladghar beach with each separate page being displayed as a vertical division instead of a top tab layout.

Even the details of each tab opens out on a separate details page instead of a traditional drop-down menu. This ensures that the view of the sea remains unchanged and uninterrupted just as it does for the actual property plots. Even the icons used in the website represent a particular feature of the project. The theme has been kept as sea and the blues to carry forth the ethos of the offering.

Through the use of Google Maps Satellite Location and 3-minute long drone video, that we incorporated in the website’s gallery section; we were able to show the prospective home-buyers exactly what they were looking for.

Thus, through a consistent and imaginative digital website approach, we were able to secure a great traction on the website along with a record number of site visits and prospective purchases.

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