Atelier Catalogue

Bringing home shopping to fingertips with a uniquely designed tool

A graphical, information-rich and shopper-friendly catalogue for one of Pune’s premium home decor brands that transformed the way people shop from home.

Online shopping is a craze in today’s day and age, but going to the doorstep of a trusted store and then shopping, has its own old-school charm. At the same time, the hectic lifestyles don’t leave everyone with enough time to go out and indulge in shopping for oneself and loved ones.

Atelier, one of Pune’s finest and premium home décor range by Roheena Nagpal, wanted to do something different. It wanted to reach the homes of its customers and give them a unique shopping experience. The idea was to create a handy yet elegant looking catalogue that does justice to the products on offer, at the same time adding a new dimension of convenience to shopping with Atelier. This was supported by unique gifting suggestions and delivery services that would be provided by Atelier.

At Setu, we decided to make this catalogue into an engaging tool for shopping. The key aspects while designing the blueprint of this catalogue included sharing product information in an easily readable yet a visually delightful manner, and adding useful gifting tips that make browsing through the catalogue, fun-filled.

Assigning codes to the products, simplifying the buying process and showing every single product in its original glory and charm, were incorporated in the catalogue design.

The launch of the catalogue received a good response and some great feedback. The catalogue is set to delight the shoppers and become a trendsetter for home décor shopping.

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