AgroGas Identity

Underlining the product exclusivity through simplicity

Understanding the key elements that went into the making of a unique product and showcasing them effectively through its identity

Primove Engineering, a Pune-based engineering solutions provider came up with a unique product. It was a fuel with a difference. Primove had successfully set up a plant to manufacture Bio-CNG using agricultural residue that would could be used to drive vehicles.

While the first manufacturing plant was functional at Pirangut, near Pune, and the Bio-CNG dispensing station was set to come up right next to it, the brand wanted to create a unique identity for this product to showcase themselves at the national level. At the same time, through the product name and its identity, Primove wanted to establish the fact that the Bio-CNG could be manufactured anywhere across the country – making it a people’s product.

Primove came up with the name AgroGas, a Bio-CNG fuel made from agricultural residue. With this background, we at Setu set out to create an identity that would be simple for everyone – both urban and rural people – to understand.

Since the Bio-CNG was prepared from agricultural residue, the idea was to include the raw material in the identity, as the raw material was the biggest differentiator. As the product was supposed to run vehicles, we decided to incorporate an element of a flame in the symbol. The colours used in the identity symbolized the fact that AgroGas essentially provides green energy. The name is mentioned in a font that is extremely easy to read for everyone.

This simple and rooted identity aptly covers the eco-friendly and ‘fuel for all’ philosophy that the product stands for.

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