#ADDA Brand Identity

Fusing quirkiness and unique eating experience of socialising with a creative communication tool

The experience of socialising and eating was communicated using a motif that embodied all the values of the brand.

Adda, an eatery in Pimple Saudagar wanted to create a new experience for their patron that was unique, quirky, and unmatched. This was envisioned by creating an eclectic decor, fusion cuisine, and a coming together of like-minded people. Setu had its task cut out before the team - to create an identity design which could effectively communicate all these offerings in a clear, concise and precise manner. Through an intensive market research and survey, we were able to cull out three main words namely - Create, Collaborate, and Celebrate. Now the challenge was to create a brand identity that could communicate all these qualities together. Then came the stroke of brilliance! We came up with the idea of using a popular Chinese puzzle called Tangram as the motif. The uniqueness of Tangram lies in the fact that it is a puzzle of just 7 triangular pieces of fiber/glass. However, the puzzle gives the puzzler the ability to create multiple designs and depictions through just 7 pieces. While the use of Tangram made the logo dynamic, the interiors of #Adda embodied the same with their wall - paintings, souvenirs, coasters and much more. As the puzzle requires many people to come together to create various shapes, it brought forth the above-mentioned words i.e. Create, Collaborate, and Celebrate in a very real and effective manner. This succeeded to a huge extent and the eatery also opened another branch in Kothrud. The same identity packaging was also employed there, and both places did exceedingly well. All the ideas were also supported and amplified by the use of a digital campaign across multiple platforms.

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