Witnessing the life of Maharashtra Police martyrs from a different lens

On 26 November 2020, the Government of Maharashtra inaugurated the Maharashtra Police Martyrs’ Gallery at the Police Headquarters in Mumbai, on the 12th anniversary of 26/11 attacks. At Setu, while our team was present at the inauguration ceremony, it was a culmination of a year-long journey, of which we had been a part of.

Circa October 2019. As the Martyrs’ Gallery started taking shape, a need was felt to narrate the stories of the superheroes in uniform who had made the ultimate sacrifice, in the line of duty. We at Setu were tasked with capturing and narrating 17 stories from Mumbai to Gadhchiroli. From terrorism to Naxalism and from law and order to nature’s fury, each story was full of courage and valour.

After our discussions with the top brass of Maharashtra Police, we decided to narrate these stories and also talk to the relatives and friends of the martyrs who had sacrificed their life. The pain of losing someone was evident, while the pride they felt was numbing. Our team shot at 35 locations across 8 cities. Shooting the stories of martyrs from Gadhchiroli, was an unforgettable experience for the team.

While the films were ready, the pandemic delayed the entire inauguration plan. The wait was incredibly difficult, because we wanted people of Maharashtra to witness the stories of legends, which we had been lucky to witness.

And then on the day of the launch, the magnitude of this glorious effort hit us. Being a part of a project that will tell the future generations about the sacrifice of 797 superheroes, is something that will give us pride for the rest of our lives.



15. December 2020 by admin
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