When Muktangan Exploratory was reborn as a brand!

It was said by a great man that imagination encircles the whole world, and what could be better than nurturing curious imaginative souls to foster and grow? Well, the Muktangan Exploratory centre under the umbrella of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has been working towards this goal since its inception with hands-on learning and experimentation. The Muktangan Exploratory centre has been at the forefront of innovative science education amongst school children and curious minds in Pune for 27 years now. Muktangan Exploratory is a setup that provides necessary infrastructure for converting innovative ideas into reality through designing, prototyping, and fabrication with the right guidance!

The challenge before us was to make Muktangan’s presence known as an exploratory lab and a one-of-its-kind innovation hub. A brand’s identity is its voice, and Muktangan Exploratory wanted to voice itself as a brand that stands for three important values – Explore, innovate, invent. It was important to bring out these core values through the brand’s identity and personality.


Setu created a vibrant identity for Muktangan Exploratory embodying the spirit of young minds keen to discover new things. For the brand identity we picked the most interesting geometric shape found in nature – the hexagon. Be it anything from honeycombs to rocks or biological structures to chemical compositions, hexagons are a part of almost everything. By designing an identity in this shape, we ensured the immense love for exploration, innovation and nature comes out from the brand logo.

The little hexagons within a hexagon reflect this dynamism and the ever-growing ability of the Muktangan

Exploratory center. Violet is a colour that combines power and sensitivity. It is the colour that allows us to touch our deeper thoughts. This is a brand colour that reflects imagination and the quest for knowledge.

These are all the values the Muktangan Exploratory stands for!


With careful and strategic thought we finalized the Gotham as the key font for the Muktangan Exploratory logo. This BOLD sans-serif font comes with a “geometric structure” that reflects the image of being “strong, new, and fresh”. The Muktangan identity successfully created a young and bold perception of the brand, reflecting the many shades of innovation all in one. Setu was successful in portraying the Muktangan Exploratory as an inspirational and ever-evolving brand!



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