Taking UrbanGram™ to Baramati

After making Vastushodh a well-known name in and around the city of Pune, it was a matter of great joy to take this trendsetter in affordable living to the city of Baramati. The launch of UrbanGram™ at Baramati meant the city was now privy to a housing option that was built on a large scale and featured all the amenities required to make affordable living, comfortable. This was a first for Baramati, a city where individually constructed structures was the norm.

Keeping this in mind, we decided to center our creatives around the vast wealth of amenities and the idea of gated community living to hook the attention of Baramati residents. We did this by offering them a glimpse of the layout, which gave them an idea about the massive scale of living that UrbanGram™ provided.


Research, strategy and communication came together in this campaign, to make a place for UrbanGram™ in the hearts and minds of Baramatikars!

23. January 2015 by admin
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