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SMW Bangalore 2015: Takeaways

Some members of Setu Digital were a part of the ‘Social Media Week’, held in Bangalore between 22nd and 27th February 2015. A lot of knowledge was acquired, a lot of things were unlearnt and a lot of insights were … Continue reading

03. March 2015 by admin
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Riding the digital wave!

On Social Media, constantly changing trends means you have to be quick on your feet. And we proved this yet again with an impromptu ‘Flash Contest’ we held for W­ādeshwar. It all started off very unpredictably. While monitoring the current … Continue reading

20. December 2014 by admin
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Putting the ‘social’ in Social Media Day!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks at Setu, and the 5th Annual Social Media Day popped up like an opportunity to give us a break! 30th June is celebrated as Social Media Day worldwide. We thought of having some fun … Continue reading

02. July 2014 by admin
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4,945 likes. 4,021 talking about it !

While working on the Jaihind account, we realised that most of our target group was approachable through the internet. Social media platforms to be precise. Therefore, an effective digital campaign was considered imperative as it was expected to complement the communication placed in … Continue reading

13. June 2014 by admin
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