Showcasing Sakal as the choice of India’s biggest leaders

The Lok Sabha Elections of 2019 were one of the biggest, most discussed and most covered general elections in the history of Indian democracy. Shri. Narendra Modi, the incumbent Prime Minister and Shri. Rahul Gandhi, the opposition’s main leader, were followed by everyone and there was a huge desire to know their thoughts and opinions.

While the national coverage of both these leaders was extensive, the regional coverage was limited. In this scenario, both Shri. Narendra Modi and Shri. Rahul Gandhi gave their first regional interviews to Sakal – among all Marathi publications.

Sakal wanted to celebrate this milestone, not just as a significant achievement, but also as a call to action for readers to pick up the edition and read the interviews of the India’s two leading political leaders; reported in the most transparent manner.

Tasked with conceptualising a campaign for this, we first tried to understand the significance of this event. While the penetration of social media had changed the way people consumed political news, the fake news phenomenon had ensured that people wanted more authentic news. This made them choose print publications.

With Sakal being the first and only Marathi publication that was chosen by both the political leaders, it underlined the leadership position of Sakal in Maharashtra and the trust it had garnered over the decades. We created a simple yet impactful campaign that reiterated this scenario.

“Number 1 chooses Number 1” was a tribute to both the standing of the two political leaders and the position of Sakal in the hearts and minds of Maharashtra. The campaign was plastered across cities, which showcased Sakal’s ‘Numero Uno’ position uniquely. In fact, it also increased Sakal readership and circulation significantly. Additionally, the campaign drove significant traffic towards eSakal, with more and more people wanting to read the interviews.

The campaign gave Sakal a distinct leadership position during Lok Sabha elections 2019.


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