Shopping through illustrations

The Idea behind ‘Pune Monsoon Shopping Festival’

Shopping is fun; be it a group activity or by yourself. You would rarely hear someone say, they are bored of shopping. Similarly, Puneri people are no exception.
The Sakal Media Group crafted a Pune Monsoon Festival that is, with the shopkeepers for the shopkeepers. This is a festival that unites the customers at the shops, primarily on Laxmi Road, with the pretext of an extravagant shopping bonanza. This festival highlights numerous discounts, offers, gifts and loads of prizes, which are in store for the customers.
Spots such as Laxmi Road & Tulsi Baug are considered as the core and the historic shopping areas of Pune. These places are swamped with shoppers on an everyday basis. The Pune Monsoon Festival targets these attractive shopping areas of Pune wherein you can observe the typical habits of Puneri shopping.
Our aim, whilst making the creative for Sakal Pune Monsoon Festival was to project the Puneri shopping experience with all its thrill, humor, excitement, sarcasm and innovative behavior of individuals. Not just the shoppers, but you can also spot a few events that you normally witness around Pune; the bizarre names of various stores, the auto rickshaws, the notice boards put up outside houses and shops, local advertisements on billboards, the traffic, the street animals and so on. Most importantly, we intended to invite the Punekars to experience the joy ride of shopping during the monsoons.

Illustrative Creative
The medium we chose to depict this fun festival via a creative was illustration. A simple line drawing illustration would best suit the fun elements we were trying to project. The illustration primarily showcased the people rambling about for shopping on the streets of Pune. The environment had to be strikingly similar to that of the very popular shopping street in Pune – Laxmi Road. We assembled to create a rough layout in order, to illustrate how the street should exactly look. It had to be sketched in a way that shops as well as people and the wacky events can be portrayed on a single surface without much difficulty for the viewer and consequently make it engaging.

Once the rough layout was created, we started marking areas which would show shops, landscapes, buildings, people, and how they are going to journey throughout the picture etc. Each of us was constantly brainstorming about the situations that were going to be showcased in the illustration. Suggestions started to bounce from every corner of the office; be it visualizers, writers, client servicing executives, accountants, production guys etc. Everyone pounced in and provided bucketful of ideas, as to what all could be portrayed. By the end of the day, the ideas were so many that we actually had to eliminate a few because we were running out of space.


Once all our ideas were in place, we simply started to show events happening around the illustrations. The Z-bridge circus, mahouts and their elephants seen often in the city , an Amul billboard, funny notice boards, famous shops, a cinema hall, wada-pav carts, the holy procession that passes through Pune annually, a PMT bus, cows and even the Lagaan team were now a part of the illustration. We came up with funny dialogues as well, which would go along with the situations, and connect with the viewer better.

The planning of this illustration utilized more of our time, than the actual illustration. If at all we had more time on hand, we would have created the illustration in ink, on paper the traditional way. The deadline was fixed and so, it was decided to make the illustration digitally, on Photoshop. It must have taken us a day or two to make the illustration and then a few more to make alterations, value additions, minor changes etc.
On the completion of the creative illustration, the headline was added and we sent the material to the press. We were all eager to notice the reactions from the viewers and the response that the festival would receive. To our delight, the reactions were overwhelming and that made us very, very happy. Our efforts had paid off !

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