Roaring ahead with the leader – Sakal

Sakal has been Maharashtra’s no. 1 choice of the newspaper for many years. With the competition starting to make claims of their superiority, Sakal wanted to underline their leadership position and reinforce it in the minds of the readers. Since Sakal is the true no. 1, we decided to give the communication an authoritative tone that reflected the brand’s confidence and belief in what it was saying and what it stood for. A strong typographical unit of number ‘1’ was used to highlight the leadership position of Sakal. The ‘1’ had the names of all the cities of Maharashtra where Sakal led the way. This presented Sakal as the leader of Maharashtra. The word ‘undisputed’ was owned to stamp authority on the segment and in the minds of the readers and people.

The press Ad was a unique text-wrap ad that integrated the brand message with the brand content; highlighting how its content had made Sakal number 1 across Maharashtra.

In the second phase of this campaign, which came out after the IRS 2017-18 figures were announced, we carried forward the thread of undisputed no. 1. At the same time, since IRS is a readership based survey, it was time to acknowledge the contribution of readers that continued to make Sakal, number 1. With Sakal being the leader in Pune, visuals were used to establish this local connect in a strong, unforgettable manner. The campaign was in line with the dignified tone of communication of Sakal, and was in stark contrast to the competitor’s tone – which was very aggressive; and unlike the preferred tone of Punekars. 

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