Riding the digital wave!

On Social Media, constantly changing trends means you have to be quick on your feet. And we proved this yet again with an impromptu ‘Flash Contest’ we held for W­ādeshwar.


It all started off very unpredictably. While monitoring the current trends in the city on Twitter, we noticed that everyone was conversing about the release of the movie ‘PK’. Hashtags like #PKjaana #PKaana and #PK were trending, indicating that people were keen on watching the film as soon as they could lay their hands on some tickets.


And so we decided to jump on the ‘PK bandwagon’ with a contest of our own to surprise W­­­ādeshwar’s fans & followers. Over the next 15 minutes, we booked a few tickets to the evening show and formulated a quiz style contest we could host on twitter. Fans and followers simply had to answer the questions correctly to win movie tickets.



IMG-20141220-WA0003 IMG-20141219-WA0009IMG-20141219-WA0010

Within an hour we executed the entire contest, right from conducting the contest to contacting the winners with details of their tickets. With 43 tweets and retweets in the time-frame and five winners being picked, the engagement levels were raised with this quick initiative. More importantly, though, we offered a great experience to the social media audience, which culminated with them having an unexpectedly fun evening at the movies!


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