Reinforcing the authenticity of spices with a touch of nostalgia

Sawai, the spices brand which takes pride in celebrating the truly authentic cuisines of Maharashtra, was in the need of packaging design. Having designed an identity that underlined the authentic flavour of the spices, we decided to further highlight this aspect through the product packaging.

We researched the age-old techniques of preparing spices in Maharashtrian households. The most popular form was grinding the raw materials on a black stone to make the spices. We used this iconic symbol of a black stone as the background of the packaging. This black colour used for the background of the packaging was unlike any other brand in this segment.

The elements from the manuscript used to write the brand name were utilised to strengthen the regional connect. The product name was written in a font that further enhanced the cultural affinity.

 To make the packaging more appealing, we added actual photographs of the food recipe that could be made using the specific products. In an elaborate food product shoot, we added a dash of nostalgia to the entire plating process to allow the brand to take the ownership of authenticity.

The overall packaging looked extremely attractive and ensured that the brand would not just get noticed on the shelves, but also make the people take the products home.





26. July 2019 by admin
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