People, Brands and COVID-19: Now & Later

The past few months across the world and the last few weeks in India, have witnessed unprecedented scenes. In India, as 1.3 billion people try and adhere to the lockdown, new challenges are coming to the fore. At the same time, brands have reacted to these emerging scenarios, in different ways.

Edelman, a leading global communications and marketing firm, has published a holistic report of what people expect from brands in these times. At Setu, this report by Edelman has given us great insights; some of which we believe will shape the now and the future of brand behaviour and people’s response. 


Show up and do your part

While brands are an integral part of our day to day life, a pandemic of these proportions, changes the priorities, drastically. Suddenly, everyday relevant brands can become less important or irrelevant. People expect brands to step forward and contribute in these times, through relevant products, services and even donations.

Edelman Insight
Almost 83% people expect brands to come ahead and show that they care.


Don’t act alone


Usually, a brand is a single point of contact for specific needs. In fact, the bond of loyalty is treasured by both brands and people. But in these times, people expect the brands to collaborate. Whether it’s getting associated with the government or other organisations, togetherness & unity give better results and more hope to people. They enhance the brand’s humane value too.



Solve, don’t sell

Unusual times call for unusual solutions. Faced with never-before challenges, people want brands to focus on solving their problems, instead of selling their products. The brands thus have to be agile in repackaging their products as solutions, or look at extending their services to solve new & current problems.



Communicate with emotion & compassion

Brands have always been central to making people feel something through their communication; through messages that stick. People now expect brands to empathise with them, inform them, help them keep calm, and even entertain them.

Edelman Insight

Brand’s communication should not sound escapist. Humour should be used judiciously too.


At Setu, we’ve been working with brands during this lockdown to ensure these aspects are a part of activities and communication done by brands.

Stay tuned for a 4-blog series, where we will share some interesting work done by them, and what role we played in it.


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