When Pune celebrated a tea party of its own!

Wagh Bakri Tea, a leading national brand in the tea segment decided to launch its tea lounge in Pune. What they needed was connecting with Punekars in a heart-to-heart manner so that a tea-loving city would not just visit the new tea lounge, a first-of-its-kind tea hangout in the city, but fall in love with it.

So how do you invite Punekars for a cup of tea? That’s the question we were faced with. We figured out that the invite should resonate with them. In fact, it should give them a sense that ‘one of their own’ is inviting them. This is what we did for the launch of Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge, with language and elements that were truly Puneri!

To create a local connect, we decided to incorporate Pune’s biggest and most popular landmark- the Shaniwarwada, in the communication, but with a twist. We collaborated with Cannes-winning illustrator Anant Nanawre to create an illustration of Shaniwarwada, using Wagh Bakri tea powder. Being a part of world’s top 200 illustrators, he brought all his skill to the table, literally.


We then combined this piece of art with a message that is just how Punekars talk. The wit and charm of Pune were captured in the communication. The result – a successful launch that was followed by many tea lovers visiting the tea lounge regularly.


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A Volcanic Brand Association!

The Brand Kelzai Volcanic Water has its source in the former volcanic Sahyadri range. Every drop of rain for Kelzai Volcanic Mineral Water passes through various layers in the basaltic lava flows. This enriches the water with many beneficial minerals.

Recently, we were faced with the challenge of pairing the brand’s unique offering with ‘Sanju’. We connected the thread of Ranbir Kapoor’s volcanic performance in ‘Sanju’ where he played the role of Sanjay Dutt, with the product’s USP of Volcanic Water.

We ran an exciting contest for a week throughout the country. We were thrilled with the response and received about 500 entries from various fan pages and participants! The contest was an interesting quiz on Sanjay Dutt and the movie, while creating awareness about Kelzai at the same time.

10 lucky winners won the contest with all correct answers and got to meet the Sanju star Ranbir Kapoor! Fans were thrilled and so was the brand. The brand connect was well-established and the contest created a great buzz about the film and the Kelzai product.


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Disclaimer: Strictly showcasing the Gokhale Promise – No Offence Please!

Gokhale Constructions, in the last few years, has become Pune’s preferred name in redevelopment. This is underlined by the fact that in just 1 span of 15 years, Gokhale Constructions has delivered more than 75 redevelopment projects, with another 25 projects ongoing. This journey towards becoming Pune’s preferred name is a result of different factors. From the speed of delivery to quality of finishes, Gokhale has led the way in setting trends in the field of redevelopment.

To communicate these facets of Gokhale Constructions every project, we decided to do something interesting. Instead of showcasing these promises in a plain manner, we crafted a ‘no-offence’ campaign – a campaign which compared the best qualities of Gokhale with the best in the industry; but in some other field.

Here, the speed of home delivery was compared to Zomato’s food delivery, the quality of finishing was compared to MS Dhoni’s finishing skills and so on. Obviously with ‘no offence’ to them!

The campaign not only informed people, but entertained them with its quirkiness. A real estate brand incorporating humour in its communication, made people connect with it. In fact, the campaign became the talk of the town. It also set a trend on brand Gokhale’s behalf for redevelopment-related communication.

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Crafting the promise of a ‘Value Home’ – Vascon Goodlife

Vascon, one of India’s leading names in real estate, decided to venture into the value housing segment with a project at Katvi, Talegaon. While the cost of homes was low, factors like the promise of quality by Vascon and homes full of features, were set to redefine the perception of affordable homes.

As communication partners, we were tasked with building the identity for this value homes project and its launch communication. The name for the project was coined to have the delights that the project promised. Goodlife was finalised as the project name. The name was the first pointer to the difference between affordable and value homes.

With people being hesitant about buying a home due to a low phase in the real estate market, the launch communication had to overcome this inertia. We identified ’50 reasons to buy a home’ to reassure the prospective home buyers and to underline the brand promise of value homes. These reasons were then combined with the clarion call of ‘Abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi!’, through a truly 360-degree launch campaign.

While the radio jingle in a rap form was highly appreciated, the TVCs received a great response.Print and outdoor mediums reached out extensively to the people. The project launch received a tremendous response,which was reflected in the large number of leads and quick bookings.

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Addressing concerns, instilling needs – The Launch of Haware Meadows

When is the right time to buy a home? It is the most important question that will decide the fate of the next generation. Isn’t it? We asked the same through our campaign for Haware Builders, a trusted name in affordable housing. That’s how we decided to make them think about the buying decision of a home with the project Haware Meadows, offering the best in Neral. We highlighted this opportunity to buy a home as the ‘Right Time’ to invest in one through our campaign. A trusted builder with an affordable project just 2-minutes from the Neral station was the ideal proposition! 

The outdoor communication was used to state the fact that this was the perfect time to make a smart home-booking decision in Neral with Haware.

An informative article was crafted to give details about Neral and Haware Meadows. Neral’s development potential too was captured in this advertorial which created awareness about the area and the new project.

The project brochure gave a glimpse of the homes and conveniences that were on offer, also stating the brand’s expertise in the affordable housing sector. 

For maximum reach and visibility, we executed station branding extensively in Mumbai. This kept the buzz about the brand going and also ensured brand connect with the masses for a respective offer.

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Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra

Sakal has been a part of Maharashtra’s culture and empowerment for more than 80 years. Understanding the modern times and to ensure a connection with the new generation, Sakal, for the first time ever, announced Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra – a beauty and talent contest across 8 cities of Maharashtra. The challenge was to blend Sakal’s rooted identity with a contemporary event. The communication focused on this “first time ever“ essence of the event and promoted it as not just a beauty competition, but a talent hunt. A pan-Maharashtra campaign, the communication earned a great response with more than 800 entries and some high-quality stiff competition.

The tone of the communication helped establish the grandeur of the first-ever Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra, which reflected in the participation across all 8 cities. This grandeur was then carried forward into the finale where the audience witnessed the beauty, fashion, poise, and talent of the participants on a grand stage. The communication created a great ambiance for the event.

To add a sense of feminine beauty to the communication, we used digital paintings in a color tone that beautifully captured the essence of the competition and grabbed attention across Maharashtra.

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Roaring ahead with the leader – Sakal

Sakal has been Maharashtra’s no. 1 choice of the newspaper for many years. With the competition starting to make claims of their superiority, Sakal wanted to underline their leadership position and reinforce it in the minds of the readers. Since Sakal is the true no. 1, we decided to give the communication an authoritative tone that reflected the brand’s confidence and belief in what it was saying and what it stood for. A strong typographical unit of number ‘1’ was used to highlight the leadership position of Sakal. The ‘1’ had the names of all the cities of Maharashtra where Sakal led the way. This presented Sakal as the leader of Maharashtra. The word ‘undisputed’ was owned to stamp authority on the segment and in the minds of the readers and people.

The press Ad was a unique text-wrap ad that integrated the brand message with the brand content; highlighting how its content had made Sakal number 1 across Maharashtra.

In the second phase of this campaign, which came out after the IRS 2017-18 figures were announced, we carried forward the thread of undisputed no. 1. At the same time, since IRS is a readership based survey, it was time to acknowledge the contribution of readers that continued to make Sakal, number 1. With Sakal being the leader in Pune, visuals were used to establish this local connect in a strong, unforgettable manner. The campaign was in line with the dignified tone of communication of Sakal, and was in stark contrast to the competitor’s tone – which was very aggressive; and unlike the preferred tone of Punekars. 

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Bringing creativity & tradition together – PNG’s Gudhi Padwa Campaign

Gudhi Padwa is also one of the 3 most auspicious days in Maharashtrian traditions. Since Gudhi is the most popular symbol of this festival, and gold is the most sought-after purchase, we brought together both these elements and created a piece of communication for PNG 1832 that showcased the auspiciousness while presenting our products as well.

Gudhi Padwa is also one of the 3 most auspicious days in Maharashtrian traditions. Since Gudhi is the most popular symbol of this festival, and gold is the most sought-after purchase, we brought together both these elements and created a piece of communication for PNG 1832 that showcased the auspiciousness while presenting our products as well.

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How to make friends and win over people in the Digital Age

The world wide web, the internet or the big blue, no matter what you choose to call it; the ‘www’ can be a tricky place to navigate. If you are not careful, you maybe land-up in a dark alleyway and before you know it you are mingling with the wrong crowd. The situation can be tricky to get out of. So, as a product, how do you make sure that you are reaching the right (read relevant) people and not ending-up being “that annoying product I keep seeing on all my news feeds?”. The key is to understand who is it that you are speaking to. This is where Digital Marketing Analytics comes into play. Not to be confused with Web Analytics, Google Analytics is a tool that measures the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across different platforms at each stage i.e. from acquisition to closing. As is evident, there are two ways in which you can get an insight into the minds of your consumers:

  1. Web Analytics: This type of data gives information about criteria such as page load speed, pageviews per visit, and time on site etc.
  2. Google (Digital) Analytics: This type of data can give you more holistic and all-around information about the nature, habits, demographics, and many other behavioral aspects about the audience that visit your website.

It is imperative that we understand that, it is finally humans and not machines that are buying your product or visiting your website. Humans are made of more than just numbers. They are made of routines, surprises, habits, rituals, flesh, skin, blood, and bones.

Once you can build-up the persona of your intended consumer in your mind, it becomes easier to tailor your communication to suit them. It is also important to note that we are all creatures of habit; if we have bought something at a certain time in our past, we are very likely to make the same purchase again during the same time. In the rapidly changing world of today, we often hide small stories behind huge numbers, data, and graphs. As social media marketers, it is our job to demystify these stories and help create newer ones for our audience. One of the simplest ways to understand the complex world of digital marketing is to draw everyday parallels and place them in a context that we can all understand.

Reading Google Analytics is very much like getting to know your favorite person:

Think about your best friend, think really hard. Won’t it be weird if you didn’t know what languages they can speak or which places they like to hang out at?

Well, Google Analytics works much the same way. Learning to make sense out of Google Analytics will slowly and surely bring you to a realization that you are gaining an insight into, what your end-audience looks like.
Targeting is like hanging out in the right circles:

Google AdWords, keywords and some other tools enable you to target your ads to a very specific audience, as does Facebook. You can not only select the demographics, but also the likes and dislikes of your audience based on their interests. For eg: If you are advertising for a musical concert and you are getting more leads from Viman Nagar (Pune), and you can independently verify that the majority population of the region is in the age group of 18-27; you can safely say that your end-audience is a student between the age group of 18-27 with music listening habits that are close to the artist you are advertising. Linking this data further with other social or real-time observations about their habits and mannerisms can help you build a character profile of your user. Once you know who it is that you are talking about, it becomes much easier to tailor your communication as the need may be. To illustrate this point further, let’s assume that you are the owner of a steel manufacturing unit, and you are getting more traffic out of the above-said region; it is safe to say that you perhaps need to re-orient your marketing efforts because this group is unlikely to make a purchase of a product like steel. The right targeting is thus like choosing your friends well – it helps you to be noticed in the right circles and ensures that you stay relevant.

Derive your strategies from personal experience:

Think of it this way, before becoming a social media marketer, a digital enthusiast or a business-owner; you are a human being. That means you also use the internet and that means that you too are the target of some marketing campaign or the other. Now, ask yourself this question: When was the last time that you felt like making a purchase or take any action for that matter after you saw something on the internet? For me, this happened as I wanted to choose some makeup products to go with my wedding dress. I clicked on the link of a Facebook Ad that eventually led me to a cosmetics website. I bought a lip tint, a blusher, and an applicator sponge. Thereafter, I was continually receiving prompts from the same site about make-up products that would complete my D-Day Kit such as primer, an eyeliner, and a mascara. In this particular case, relevance and timing was key. What was it in your case?

Chances are that what prompted your action was one of the following factors:

A. You were being continually bombarded with the message without you being conspicuous or irritated by it.

  1. The content (written or audio-visual) caught your eye with its creativity or precision.
  2. You have made similar purchases before.


Keep the above principles in mind and you are GOLDEN! Thus, the Mantra is: Know who your core audience is, know what channels they frequently visit, and know what kind of messaging gets an action out of them. This is precisely the data that analytics can provide you with. Once you start thinking as a prospective customer, tailoring your content becomes easy.

Learn basic social skills:

“On the internet, as in real life – manners are important. Once you get to know people it is easy to understand and fathom how they like to be spoken to.”

The same is true with your audience. To elucidate the point further, let’s assume that you are with a girl you like. Once you start meeting her often, you start getting to know what phrases she uses, what places she frequents, what are the kind of friends she hangs out with, and what place she belongs to. This is exactly how you get to know your audience. It is also important to note that this does not amount to stalking! All the information shared by Google is volunteered by the audience themselves.

However, it is also important that you do not approach them constantly and become an annoyance. Try to keep your interactions limited to the websites they visit frequently, using the information shared by the web browser i.e. Cookies. Approaching your audience after they have left the site is called re-targeting. If you manage to recapture their interest, they are more than likely to make a transaction. It is a useful tool, but remember that it works better as a part of a larger digital strategy rather than a sole endeavor.

“Strategies involving content marketing, AdWords, and targeted display are great for driving traffic, but they don’t help with conversion optimization. Conversely, retargeting can help increase conversions, but it can’t drive people to your site. Your best chance of success is using one or more tools to drive traffic and retargeting to get the most out of that traffic. (Source: https://retargeter.com/what-is-retargeting-and-how-does-it-work)”


One of the best ways to make sense of digital marketing is to understand that you always need to put a face and build a profile of the person that you are talking to.

Once you have done that, you can go about building a personality too! It will take time and quite a few dead alleys to get to the right audience, but once you do the effort is definitely worth it. One of the greatest misconceptions about digital marketing is that – Through your messaging, you are talking to everybody. The golden rule of thumb is to keep it in your head that if you are talking to everyone, you are reaching no-one. On the other hand, when you are talking to one person alone and that person has the exact same attributes as you would want your ideal audience to have, your efforts are far more likely to yield results and ROI. And finally, simple manners and class truly go a long way. Keep these qualities constant in your messaging, and you are sure to hit the right note!

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A glimpse into the HQ of the Social-Networking powerhouse- Facebook

Recently, I was at Oculus Connect 2017 in San Jose. During my stay, I got an opportunity to visit the Facebook Campus in Menlo Park, California. It was one most exciting experiences. The energy and open culture I experienced was highly infectious. The way Facebook has built a warm and engaging workplace for its employees is a great example of how an organisation can get the best out of its resources.

From an analog wall that allows an individual to calculate Facebook’s popular parameters of audience reach to the wood workshop where you can make your own wooden toys that promotes the idea of nurturing a hobby, everything is well-thought and fascinating. The ‘no cabins’ culture is something that’ll definitely be a trendsetter.

I’m happy to share some of my memorable moments from this trip.

Instagram’s new office looks like its App.  It has been designed by a Hollywood set designer. The three modular set is perfectly illuminated for mobile photography.

Impressive, 9-acre rooftop garden on Facebook Menlo Park, California HQ that overlooks the city’s marshlands.

Wood Studio to explore Hobbies on Facebook campus. 

The slogans placed around the campus give a revealing look at this atmosphere of change and innovation, “Fortune Favors the Bold”, “Move Fast, Break Things”, and “Hack Often”.

Facebook Analog wall that shows potential reach just as Facebook Adverts.

– Rugwed Deshpande  (Director of Setu Advertising)

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