Capturing the authenticity of spices through its identity

As globalisation takes over and people migrate to different places, a greater urge is felt for authentic food that belongs to a particular region, especially for people who live away from it.

Sawai, a spices brand from Maharashtra, derived its inspiration from this cultural and market insight. They decided to serve traditional and authentic spices that celebrated the various cuisines of Maharashtra. The need of the hour was an identity that incorporated this product philosophy in a memorable manner.

Tasked with the corporate identity design, we decided to understand the nuances of the history and evolution of Maharashtra and its culture. The name Sawai means a notch above and has a strong connection with the royalty of Maharashtra. We worked on two fronts- identifying a symbol and typography to create a unique and powerful identity for Sawai.

For the symbol, we went through the cultural symbols from the times of ancient royalty and zeroed in on the ‘mudra’, the royal currency used in that era. For the typography, we identified the font of the manuscripts as a unique and authentic connection with the history of Maharashtra.


Incorporating these two elements effectively and seamlessly, we created an identity for Sawai, which perfectly captured the philosophy of the brand and the offerings of its products.


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When Muktangan Exploratory was reborn as a brand!

It was said by a great man that imagination encircles the whole world, and what could be better than nurturing curious imaginative souls to foster and grow? Well, the Muktangan Exploratory centre under the umbrella of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has been working towards this goal since its inception with hands-on learning and experimentation. The Muktangan Exploratory centre has been at the forefront of innovative science education amongst school children and curious minds in Pune for 27 years now. Muktangan Exploratory is a setup that provides necessary infrastructure for converting innovative ideas into reality through designing, prototyping, and fabrication with the right guidance!

The challenge before us was to make Muktangan’s presence known as an exploratory lab and a one-of-its-kind innovation hub. A brand’s identity is its voice, and Muktangan Exploratory wanted to voice itself as a brand that stands for three important values – Explore, innovate, invent. It was important to bring out these core values through the brand’s identity and personality.


Setu created a vibrant identity for Muktangan Exploratory embodying the spirit of young minds keen to discover new things. For the brand identity we picked the most interesting geometric shape found in nature – the hexagon. Be it anything from honeycombs to rocks or biological structures to chemical compositions, hexagons are a part of almost everything. By designing an identity in this shape, we ensured the immense love for exploration, innovation and nature comes out from the brand logo.

The little hexagons within a hexagon reflect this dynamism and the ever-growing ability of the Muktangan

Exploratory center. Violet is a colour that combines power and sensitivity. It is the colour that allows us to touch our deeper thoughts. This is a brand colour that reflects imagination and the quest for knowledge.

These are all the values the Muktangan Exploratory stands for!


With careful and strategic thought we finalized the Gotham as the key font for the Muktangan Exploratory logo. This BOLD sans-serif font comes with a “geometric structure” that reflects the image of being “strong, new, and fresh”. The Muktangan identity successfully created a young and bold perception of the brand, reflecting the many shades of innovation all in one. Setu was successful in portraying the Muktangan Exploratory as an inspirational and ever-evolving brand!



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Showcasing Sakal as the choice of India’s biggest leaders

The Lok Sabha Elections of 2019 were one of the biggest, most discussed and most covered general elections in the history of Indian democracy. Shri. Narendra Modi, the incumbent Prime Minister and Shri. Rahul Gandhi, the opposition’s main leader, were followed by everyone and there was a huge desire to know their thoughts and opinions.

While the national coverage of both these leaders was extensive, the regional coverage was limited. In this scenario, both Shri. Narendra Modi and Shri. Rahul Gandhi gave their first regional interviews to Sakal – among all Marathi publications.

Sakal wanted to celebrate this milestone, not just as a significant achievement, but also as a call to action for readers to pick up the edition and read the interviews of the India’s two leading political leaders; reported in the most transparent manner.

Tasked with conceptualising a campaign for this, we first tried to understand the significance of this event. While the penetration of social media had changed the way people consumed political news, the fake news phenomenon had ensured that people wanted more authentic news. This made them choose print publications.

With Sakal being the first and only Marathi publication that was chosen by both the political leaders, it underlined the leadership position of Sakal in Maharashtra and the trust it had garnered over the decades. We created a simple yet impactful campaign that reiterated this scenario.

“Number 1 chooses Number 1” was a tribute to both the standing of the two political leaders and the position of Sakal in the hearts and minds of Maharashtra. The campaign was plastered across cities, which showcased Sakal’s ‘Numero Uno’ position uniquely. In fact, it also increased Sakal readership and circulation significantly. Additionally, the campaign drove significant traffic towards eSakal, with more and more people wanting to read the interviews.

The campaign gave Sakal a distinct leadership position during Lok Sabha elections 2019.


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Reinforcing the authenticity of spices with a touch of nostalgia

Sawai, the spices brand which takes pride in celebrating the truly authentic cuisines of Maharashtra, was in the need of packaging design. Having designed an identity that underlined the authentic flavour of the spices, we decided to further highlight this aspect through the product packaging.

We researched the age-old techniques of preparing spices in Maharashtrian households. The most popular form was grinding the raw materials on a black stone to make the spices. We used this iconic symbol of a black stone as the background of the packaging. This black colour used for the background of the packaging was unlike any other brand in this segment.

The elements from the manuscript used to write the brand name were utilised to strengthen the regional connect. The product name was written in a font that further enhanced the cultural affinity.

 To make the packaging more appealing, we added actual photographs of the food recipe that could be made using the specific products. In an elaborate food product shoot, we added a dash of nostalgia to the entire plating process to allow the brand to take the ownership of authenticity.

The overall packaging looked extremely attractive and ensured that the brand would not just get noticed on the shelves, but also make the people take the products home.





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When home buyers were armed with a sense of empowerment

As India’s top ranked livable city, Pune is a preferred residential destination. With local population seeking lifestyle upgrades and a cosmopolitan workforce wanting to own a home in Pune, real estate is thriving. And when a residential project happens to be in Hinjawadi – Pune’s IT hub with more than 3 lakh professionals – the competition it faces is immense.

As Vilas Javdekar Developers launched YashONE, a residential project at Hinjawadi Phase 1, we at Setu were tasked with its launch promotion.

While the project was planned thoughtfully, understanding the needs of the evolving urban families, the need of the hour was for the project to create a human connection with the home buyer.

In today’s scenario, the working class has a tendency to compromise on its desires by asking questions to oneself before going out and buying something. YashONE, with its offerings, offered a home that didn’t believe in compromises. Instead of asking ‘why’, it empowered its home buyers to ask ‘why not’. 

This positive thought of ‘why not’ formed the nucleus of the communication and the campaign. It gave a belief to home buyers to defeat their doubts and apprehensions by answering every ‘why’ with a ‘why not’.

A vibrant communication design gave the perfect platform to this positive expression. The result, more than 300 homes booked on the day of launch.


The belief that the campaign gave to the home buyers about overcoming hurdles, resonated with the people and made the brand (YashONE), something they wanted to be associated with.

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Making Punekars fall in love with one of its own music festivals.

Vasantotsav is a musical fest that pays tribute to the rich musical legacy of Pandit Vasantrao Deshpande, an icon of Maharashtra and a beloved personality of Pune. A 3-day musical festival, it celebrates music and musicians from different genres. Inviting Punekars to enjoy this musical treat was a challenge because the city is in the middle of witnessing many music and art festivals in the same duration.

At Setu, we understood that this challenge could be met by tugging to the hearts of art loving Punekars, by making this festival, one of their own.

Pune and Punekars are known to have a taste and affinity for music of different kinds. We simply showcased the variety on offer at the 3-day festival, by making the performers, the heroes.

A vibrant design pattern symbolically showcased the delight and joy the performers would bring to the city with their brand of music. This design language was extended to the event venue, where people experienced a lovely ambience that was in sync with Puneri expressions.

The idea to establish Vansatotsav as Pune’s very own music festival created a connection between the festival and the people, giving them a sense of ownership.

The footfall at Vasantotsav and the overall participation and the mood at the event reflected the warmth of Punekars.


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Caution: Looks like a maze, leaves people amazed.

Creaticity, Pune’s preferred furniture destination, has a unique offering for furniture buyers. Called Curated Trails, it offers Pune’s only guided furniture tours for customers. On these Curated Trails, Creaticity’s furniture experts assist the customers in choosing the right furniture.

Communicating such a unique idea to the people was more an opportunity than a challenge for us, at Setu. The essence of Curated Trails was helping people in finalising the right furniture from 100+ brands available at Creaticity. This included 457 sofa options, 253 dining table options, 324 bed options and more.

For a customer, the world of 100+ furniture brands at Creaticity can look like a maze in which they feel they can get lost. We decided to take a cue from this and create a visual illusion of a maze, formed using sofas, wardrobes etc. The visual not only looked attractive and catchy, but underlined Creaticity’s promise of unlimited options.


What’s more, the communication introduced Pune to city’s one-of-its-kind service in a truly exclusive manner. A simple call to action in the communication invited people to book their curated trail at Creaticity.

Post the ad campaign, the bookings for curated trails went up drastically at Creaticity, giving us and furniture buyers, moments of happiness and amazement.

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When Sakal spoke to Punekars, like Punekars.

As Maharashtra’s No. 1 Marathi daily, Sakal has been a part of households across Pune and Maharashtra, for many decades. At the same time, the rising penetration of digital platforms has developed a trend where people tend to look for news on various apps and digital platforms. While this is true, the apps and websites only cater to the national and international news.

Understanding the significant gap in the availability of local news, which specifically focuses on different parts of the city, Sakal decided to utilise its expertise and on-ground network to cater to the new Punekars seeking news from their area.

This hyper-local focus and penetration was catered to through Sakal Today, an existing supplement of Sakal, which was now given a makeover to have dedicated editions for 4 different areas of Pune- Peths & Satara Road, Sinhagad Road and Kothrud, Aundh & Baner and Yerwada & Hadapsar.

At Setu, we were tasked with the launch of this unique content solution by Sakal. Since the biggest USP of the offering was its Pune-centric connection, we decided to add the distinct new-age Puneri flavour to the communication.

Pune and Punekars are known for their choice of words when expressing their emotions. In fact, for the true-blue Punekars, its a single word that they use to express themselves. Pune has given words like Kamaal, Kadak, Jamlay and many more to the evolving Marathi dictionary. We used these one-word expressions to present the revamped Pune Today to Punekars.

While the hoardings and print ads were built around these one words, we also suggested the use of these one-word expressions as headlines for the Pune Today area-specific editions. Many such one words, that capture the essence of Pune, caught the attention of Punekars.

This new connection with Sakal was appreciated by Pune. At the same time, the way Sakal spoke to them, created a heart-to-heart connection, which they continue to cherish.

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Creating a one-of-a-kind musical NYE on the sea for party lovers!

“Angriya created the best musical new year party on sea, and gave Mumbai’s party lovers new goals for life!”

We may forget a place, but we never forget how it made us feel to be there. If a brand can create memories for its customers that they will cherish all life, it occupies a happy space in the customer’s mind forever. There are so many things that we have never explored or done before, and what better way than to tick them off the list before a year ends? Keeping this thought in mind, we crafted the communication strategy for Angriya, India’s first domestic cruise liner. Angriya is a cruise that takes travelers and party lovers from Goa to Mumbai and back! With amazing amenities on-board, Angriya is heaven for party lovers. Angriya hosted a stunning new year bash on-board in Mumbai on the 30th and 31st of December 2018.


The event was called ‘Anchored Angriya’ and featured the best bands playing on the Indian Sea for the first time ever! Our challenge was to bring the grandeur in the communication, without losing the creative aspect. We devised a digital campaign that would focus on Mumbai’s party lovers and give them a voyage full of wows that changes the way they look at celebrating the new year forever. Music was the biggest highlight and we created small and vibrant videos that ensured the event was constantly in buzz.


Along with creating strategic communication on the website, we also did ads on the digital media that got people to take action and book the tickets for the Anchored Angriya party. The communication was planned out in two parts, this included the events happening on 30th of December and later, 31st of December. Our strategy was to create an inviting vibe for the party audience by communicating the fact that they must experience NYE on the sea, something which they have never done before. We created everything from the Anchored Angriya identity to the passes, and set the tone of the groovy event.

We invited Mumbai’s party audience to enjoy the wows they have never lived before. The best part was, they could party one day before NYE as well and continue partying on-board until 2019! On 30th December, Angriya welcomed party lovers to the amazing musical cruise night. The audience was enthralled by the magical sea and the groovy music as bands like Malang and Agnee got people’s feet tapping! Live DJ music all night at the mesmerizing Heli Deck, Infinity Pool, and Fathom Lounge added to the delight. Unlimited food and beverages, and partying under the starlit sky made the New Year’s Eve memorable!



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Going beyond advertising to make home-owning easy – Avior Wow Fest

A brand with a rich legacy of 33 successful projects to its credit, Avior has become one of the reigning players in​ ​the infrastructure industry. The brand has built everything from large townships to cosy homes and commercial​ ​spaces, and today​ ​offers a complete home-buying experience to its customers. Creating premium​ ​lifestyles that are​ ​also easy on the pocket has always been Avior’s strength as a brand.

Home-buying is one of the biggest milestones one achieves in life. While it gives immense joy to book a home at a​ ​great location, the overall process of owning a home is quite overwhelming, grueling, and complex. Avior as a​ ​brand needed more visibility in Pune’s competitive real estate scenario. The challenge was to bring all 5 projects​ ​and showcase them together to the people. Hence, Avior decided to go beyond merely selling the promise of a​ ​good home by actually creating offers that make the process hassle-free and simple for the home-buyer. In a​ ​highly​ ​competitive era of home offers, Avior offered its customers easy-home benefits​ ​with the Avior Wow Home​ ​Fest.

​In order to bind all the 5 amazing projects together, we came up with the idea of a home fest from 18th to 27th Jan 2019 for the brand that would actually bring out the ‘Wow’ aspect of home-buying. The Avior Wow Home Fest featured homes at five amazing locations, five best projects, and five delightful offers that would smoothen out the process of buying a home. With offers like easy loan assistance, low GST, easy payment plans, planned visit to the site and much more, the fest was focused on bringing a smile on the faces of customers as they booked their homes.​



We executed an extensive outdoor, print, radio, and digital campaign across Pune. An eye-catching unit of the ‘Avior Wow Home Fest’ was created to grab attention and the prime projects across Pune’s best locations were highlighted. The catch-phrase ‘Ab ghar lena ekdum easy’ communicated the delight of the fest directly to Pune’s masses. The Avior Wow Home Fest was conducted at the various project locations, namely, Pirangut, Bibwewadi, Paud Road, Sinhagad, and Ekbote Colony. From the site branding to the hoardings, the brand received immense visibility as one of Pune’s promising real estate icon. The brand communication of the Avior Wow Home Fest definitely created a stir and encouraged people to visit the sites for booking their homes with Avior! The fest kicked-off with around 200 plus walk-ins and numerous online enquires. The brand exposure was great with increased visibility across the city.


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