Now sailing, India’s first domestic cruise liner!

Sea Eagle Cruises, a highly experienced name in the field of navigation, has been extensively associated with developing Goa’s untapped potential of hinterland backwaters and other tourist opportunities. They decided to revive the iconic Mumbai-Goa sea link of the 70s, with MV Angriya, a vessel that also celebrated the legacy of Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre.

The first phase of developing communication for Angriya, involved developing a website and content for various social media platforms. We decided to make both these tools eye-catching by using the biggest USP of Angriya – the on-board experience.

The website gave a delightful showcase of the facilities available on Angriya- from accommodation and restaurants to bars, open decks, and spa. The visual-centric website interface ensured that the visitors were in for a treat. This was reflected by more than 4 minutes of average time spent by an individual website visitor, in the first few days of launching the website.

The same visual-centric but more fact-rich strategy was adopted for the social media content. Series giving insights into the world of Angriya, the many firsts it promised, and explaining the voyage experience to the people prior to the first voyage, not only created curiosity but increased the excitement among the people. This was complemented by audio-visual content giving a sneak peak into Angriya and celebrating its rich legacy.


The first two touch points for Angriya – its website and social media platforms – gave people the perfect trailer of what to expect from what is yet to follow; the voyage on-board.




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