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It’s a well-known fact that since 1960, Suhana Ambari has been the leading spices brand in kitchens across Maharashtra. And in spite of its strong legacy and a well-established, extensive regional spread, the brand has never spoken about its leadership position and its impact on food and kitchens across Maharashtra.

Recently, the brand came out with its new packaging and an evolved identity. While the main motive was to communicate this change to its lakhs of customers, the communication had to live up to the brand’s personality and its thought leadership in this segment.

While the term brand campaign is a part of our everyday jargon, this opportunity seemed special. At Setu, we decided to transform this communication into a celebration of the brand and its presence across kitchens of Maharashtra. The message (crafted by us), ‘Gharoghari Ambari’ (Ambari in every home), saluted the brand’s popularity. A jingle and a TVC took this simple yet heartfelt message to homes across Maharashtra. While the thought process and execution gave us immense delight, what happened after the TVC hit the screens across Maharashtra, was what we hoped for – a celebration across Maharashtra.

This is what the custodians of the brand gave us as a feedback about this campaign –

We believe that the TVC, and more importantly the jingle, has been a milestone in the journey of Ambari. Usually, we look forward to sales numbers when our campaign hits the market. But this time around, we were pleasantly surprised. The jingle and more so the catch phrase (Gharoghari Ambari), has been a huge hit among people. In fact, going beyond the intended target audience, it has become extremely popular with our vendors, distributors and other people of the market, who are only obsessed with offers and numbers.”

“The TVC, and more importantly the jingle, has been a milestone in the journey of Ambari”.

As we tried to understand their perspective of what made the communication work so well, we got some interesting pointers.

“The warmth in the communication has been appreciated and has effectively delivered our message of being a part of Maharashtra’s every home. Without being boastful, it gives us and our loyal customer base, a chance to celebrate Ambari’s contribution to kitchens across Maharashtra. In today’s time, when people don’t think twice before giving a negative feedback in detail, but communicate appreciation through just likes, we felt happy when some of our customers from different cities of Maharashtra called us and praised the TVC. One memory that particularly stands out is when one of our customers called and told our representatives that the TVC feels like a complete family entertainer. We felt happy because this is exactly what Ambari spices have been doing for more than 60 years – entertaining the taste buds of people across Maharashtra”.

“Our customers called and told our representatives that the TVC feels like a complete family entertainer.”

In today’s age of analytics, there are instances when numbers alone don’t show the exact picture. The honest feedback that the brand received and the passionate manner in which they shared all the reactions with us, make us feel good about being part of a brand communication that has truly reached ‘Gharoghari’.

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