News Channels need to focus on simplicity. Observations and analysis of election results broadcast.

As we all can imagine, Vote Counting Day is a special day for news channels. It’s full of many challenges. Information is dynamic, multilayered and highly volatile. Screen space is limited. Engaging viewers, throwing dynamic insights, igniting interesting discussions and simplifying information is important.

Revenue generating space needs to be accommodated on the same screen space. Motivating viewers to be more interactive through Social Media is another task. Complexity increases when there are elections in multiple states.

I was witnessing this on Sunday, 8th Dec and realised that we need better information designers working for television industry. Some channels are trying to innovate new models where as some are ignoring viewer needs and sticking to their brands colours and good looking graphics.


Compared to News Channels, I think Sports Channels are investing good amount of efforts and money. I also understand that the nature of content is different and revenue models are different too. Sharing some screen shots here to analyze and support my statement.




I have always been a simplicity fan. As Hans Hofmann says, “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” Are you listening news channels?

– Rugwed Deshpande, Director of Setu Advertising, Pune.

09. December 2013 by admin
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