Nation Celebrates #IndiaPickleDay on 4th March

On 4th March 2016 internet broke down in laughter with pickle related memes and GIFs which made this day officially the #IndiaPickleDay. It was trending nationally for 2 hours and reached over 17,11,394 people on twitter alone.  The widespread generated online PR that reached out to more than 90,000 people.
And guess who started it? – #SetuDigital.

Remember the time when the only reason you could finish the tindey ki sabzi because you had pickle by the side? Pickle has rescued us from all our non-favorite veggies (that’s a long list for most of us) since our childhood. It came to our attention that this ultimate tastemaker has not received the admiration it deserves. Thus, we took an initiative by asking people to celebrate 4th March as India Pickle Day.

To celebrate India’s tastemakers we collaborated with India’s leading pickle brand – Pravin Pickles, who are known for their tasty recipes for last 60 years. We started in the year of 2016 and created a property online. India Pickle Day was welcomed by all in its first edition but the second edition of 2017 truly made it a national phenomenon.

To reach out and connect with people we needed to create relatable content thus, we started generating content based on humour and nostalgia. We created several posts using the meme format and converted some of the iconic video clips, such as ZooZoos, into pickle stories. Apart from this, a few informative posts were also made to create awareness about the pickle day. All this content was floated via influencers and social media handles of setuites. The content was quickly picked by netizens and started spreading like a wildfire.



Engaging Video content was created for Virality

Memes created for #IndiaPickleDay

We also filed a petition to officially declare 4th March as India Pickle Day and called out various brands like Pravin Pickles, Mother’s Recipe, Nilon’s etc. Pravin Pickles approved the petition and made our initiative official.

India Pickle Day is a celebration of tradition and authentic Indian taste which we aim to make even bigger in the coming years.

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