Making Punekars fall in love with one of its own music festivals.

Vasantotsav is a musical fest that pays tribute to the rich musical legacy of Pandit Vasantrao Deshpande, an icon of Maharashtra and a beloved personality of Pune. A 3-day musical festival, it celebrates music and musicians from different genres. Inviting Punekars to enjoy this musical treat was a challenge because the city is in the middle of witnessing many music and art festivals in the same duration.

At Setu, we understood that this challenge could be met by tugging to the hearts of art loving Punekars, by making this festival, one of their own.

Pune and Punekars are known to have a taste and affinity for music of different kinds. We simply showcased the variety on offer at the 3-day festival, by making the performers, the heroes.

A vibrant design pattern symbolically showcased the delight and joy the performers would bring to the city with their brand of music. This design language was extended to the event venue, where people experienced a lovely ambience that was in sync with Puneri expressions.

The idea to establish Vansatotsav as Pune’s very own music festival created a connection between the festival and the people, giving them a sense of ownership.

The footfall at Vasantotsav and the overall participation and the mood at the event reflected the warmth of Punekars.


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