Making Punekars connect more with Pune’s biggest NGO Fair!

Ishanya Foundation organises the Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair every year. For a decade, it had brought together rural artisans associated with different NGOs across India, to help them showcase their craft in Pune.

For its 11th edition, YRNF had brought on-board more than 120 participating NGOs and had more than 100 products to showcase across wide range of crafts- from pottery and bags to fabrics, diyas and other artifacts. YRNF wanted to reach out to more and more Punekars to increase the footfalls and in turn, increase the sale generated for the different participating NGOs.

We at Setu, were tasked with achieving this growth for YRNF. Understanding the type of audience who visited the Fair, we decided to focus on effective use of digital media to reach out to more and more people, while creating  buzz about YRNF.

We chose to project YRNF as the biggest festive shopping destination for gifting and owning. This was done through different content series that addressed different aspects of the Fair. Series of posts giving information about YRNF, its legacy, its participants, its offerings were done to educate the target audience.

GIFs were used to give information in an entertaining manner. Additionally, promotional videos were generated and shared across social media and WhatsApp to bring the Fair closer to the people. Contests, asking people trivia about the Fair, were conducted, with the winners being invited to the Fair.

The use of digital media increased the footfalls at YRNF by almost 40%, with more than 6500 people visiting the Fair. The 11th year became a huge milestone for YRNF. Here are a few glimpses from the event.




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