Lockdown Diaries #4: This forced break has definitely made me more patient

I am not really new to the WFH concept, it is something that I have been managing quite successfully for the past few years now. Having said that, it is a completely different ball game both mentally and physically to be totally confined to doing only WFH, and not having the liberty to meet, talk and discuss with people on professional matters. As a Human Resource professional, being physically present amongst people and teams is what it is all about, and I wondered how this was going to work out.

The first week for me was all about anger and frustration, and more so, the added burden of the household chores. To top it all, cooking was something I did when I wanted to, not something I had to do! To  top it all, imagine having a teenager son 24/7 at home and him wanting to eat every 2 hours, my agony knew no bounds! Also, as a consultant, having more than one client to deal with during these times is a circus of its own! I was a wreck trying to figure out how I am going to manage juggling all of that.

The second week was all about a binge watch marathon of Netflix, Amazon and whatever else I could find just to mask the feeling of time not moving. Movies, documentaries, soaps – you name it, and I saw it! So much so that I exhausted my data pack, and well, the service provider, due to the lockdown restrictions and reduced manpower, could not activate anything else for 2 weeks! With that, I turned to the only solution available – Cooking! And cooking with joy and passion of creating something that will be loved by me and my family. To my surprise, it worked. It was almost therapeutic and all was well at home and within me as well.

We are more than three weeks into the lockdown now, and lo and behold, I am quite enjoying the confinement and juggling everything. The mental agony is gone, the routine has become more streamlined, deliverables are being completed faster and to top it all, I seriously think I qualify for the next MasterChef Auditions. All it took was accepting that there is nothing I can do to change anything, except my own way of handling this situation, and of course, the occasional (ok, often) venting out my anger and frustration to those at home. But it worked, and all’s well that ends well, or so I think will end in a few more weeks!

In the end, what really matters now is that we stay calm, stay home, and let the government and the official machinery do whatever it takes to get the country, the people and the economy back on track! But yes, this forced break has definitely made me more patient, more accepting and definitely more prepared to face whatever life has to offer.

 – Written by Sandhya Bhat, Strategic Human Resources Consultant

28. April 2020 by admin
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