Lockdown Diaries #3: The Art of Quarantime

I never thought that I will go through the WFH experience ever in my professional career.

To me, WFH always meant something that the IT guys do; or some other people who work on boring power point presentations with never-ending slides do.  However, this current lockdown situation (of forced home quarantine because of COVID-19) makes you learn the new-age work fundas, and it is actually quite easy to adapt.

The online team meetings, briefings on video calls and discussions are a good way to learn new skills and adapt to the new work culture for every working professional.

Work Mode: Lots of WFH

Being a Creative Professional and a part-time Painter, I get quality time to explore my passion for art, be it in the advertising industry or in the world of paintings.
I have learnt to effectively balance my work, including office work, home work (not much for me), gardening and painting. I’m focusing on making the most of it, and besides the everyday office work, while also attending online painting sessions and participating in some contests, along with learning the nuances of gardening, home interior ideas and exploring collage art again.

Overall, this Quarantine time is passing well but I am also missing the office vibes, interacting with friends, being socially active and my ritualistic Sunday morning outdoor painting sessions.
Let’s hope we all get back soon in the business with refreshing ideas.


Hobby Mode: Painting and more

Relaxation Mode: Gardening times

28. April 2020 by admin
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