Lockdown Diaries #2: Loving this Quarantine State

It’s Day 1000023 of lockdown. No not really, but it feels like.
Its Day 21 to be precise.

The daily 25 mins drive to office has reduced to a 25 sec walk to the kitchen and living room. The viewership of YouTube videos for new recipes is on an all-time high. Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar have turned out to be bestest friends. And we all realised that we can do more house work than we actually thought!

After being in advertising for 11 years now, never ever thought that we could pull off the work from home so seamlessly. While we always thought it was impossible to work without physical presence this lockdown took away all those inhibitions. We as a team were able to deliver a pitch presentation beautifully and it seemed like a good journey.

The fun of joining the zoom meetings for work and chatting gives a different high. Nobody is even bothered about the zero make up look, oily hair, and ‘Ghar ka T-Shirt’. There is just one concern: Am I audible? Is my net connection working and so on! It’s so much fun to watch kids popping out of nowhere in front of camera, the flush noise in background and not to forget the mighty kitchen utensils.

Amidst all of this I realised that there is a much more humane side to my office colleagues, my boss and myself too. I now think twice before making calls, as everybody is struggling to strike the right balance between home and office work.

The most worrisome and surprising part is that after being an extrovert for 34 years of my life, I have
started loving this quarantine state and lockdown.

– Kirti Hadap
Manager, Brand Services

14. April 2020 by admin
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