Lockdown Diaries #1: Make it work (from home)

Let’s set the premise first. A working mother, with a daughter aged 4.5 years, a working husband, a 1 BHK home. That’s us. Yeah, that’s it. Amidst the pandemic (which should not be named) our daughter’s school, day care and both our offices decided to follow the lockdown and allow us to work from home (very valid).

A day went by to understand, what should we do about this? Both of us being working in dynamic industries, we are heavily dependent on the school, day care, home maids and the support systems around. But none of these were there. What to do?

I remember while I joined back to office after my maternity break, I had to train my mind to switch off and switch on while being at work and at home. It was difficult initially, but after about 5-6 months, I could fairly do it. However, ab to saare switches ek saath on aur off karne ka time tha! Tough task. Plus, while you are home, everyone feels ab toh kaafi time hai… but work from home doesn’t mean work 24×7.
Or does it?

Being used to have a calendar filled with meetings, this sort of working in isolation is different. A couple of days, I guess, we all were experimenting our own way of working at home. Managing your and your families routine, house-hold work, cooking, taking care of kids, and working is next level of multi-tasking. Needs a lot of discipline. But slowly we got a hang of it.

Me and my husband have developed our own spaces for work at home now. We take turns to be with our daughter and ensure she is looked after.

We have team meetings, Zoom calls, key internal meetings and all of that from home. Well, technology has played a huge role in making it easy for us. Looking at all this, my daughter has also started doing video calls to her friends and cousins!

I miss being in office though, miss the vibe, the fun, the laughter, the breaks, the brainstorming, the comfort, the fighting, and pretty much everything. But, the best part is, each one of us is unlearning the way we think works best for us. I could never imagine we working on various campaigns remotely, but yes, we are!

We are in this together and I am sure we will come out of this happy and safe.

– Rewati Bhide
Manager, Brand Services

31. March 2020 by admin
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