How Pune’s biggest creative destination made New Year Wishes, truly memorable!

Creaticity, Pune’s biggest creative living campus is known for its passion for creativity. From its offerings to its ambience, Creaticity promotes creative expressions across its 10-acre campus and numerous workshops and initiatives. As 2018 came to an end and everyone got into the new year mood, the brand wanted to wish its associates, partners and loyal customers a happy new year, with a creative twist.

At Setu, we decided to incorporate the brand’s values into the new year wishes. With its playful and humourous tone, Creaticity has struck a chord with its audience. The challenge was to incorporate this tone into the message and the gift.

This is where we gave a quirky makeover to one of the oldest, and seemingly static, gifting ideas.

While all brands use table top calendars as a standard gifting item, the message and look of these calendars, seldom seeks attention. By leveraging simple word play, combined with quirky visuals, we created an entire calendar that asked playful questions to the audience. The answer to all the questions was common – visit Creaticity!

At the same time, the gift that would accompany the wishes had to be true to the personality of Creaticity. The values of create, make, play – that defined Creaticity – had to be integrated in the gift. We create a fun, vibrant Rubik’s Cube with these words and other elements.


The idea was to make it so irresistible that anyone seeing the cube on their desks, would pick up and play with it; exploring and expressing the creativity.

 The calendar and the Rubik’s Cube formed a delightful combination, while entertaining and engaging the recipients. An extensive positive feedback received by Creaticity for simple yet playful new year wishes, summed up its likeability.





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