How a simple phrase earned VJ the trust and eyeballs in Wakad

YashONE Wakad Central, a project by Vilas Javdekar Developers in Wakad, offered many project benefits that were both unique and meaningful. At the same time, the cluttered market scenario in Wakad, presented a challenge to effectively showcase these project features.

It is a known fact that when someone is in a state of confusion, all they seek is a reassurance that is confident and practical without being dramatic and over-indulgent.

We designed a campaign for YashONE Wakad Central, which listed its various features upfront, for the ease of home buyers’ understanding and then concluded it with a simple rhetoric question- Where Else?

The campaign thus made the unique project benefits the highlight, while giving a sense of assurance to the prospective home buyers, by simply telling them that all of this will not be available anywhere else. The result; home buyers flocked to the project site for large number of bookings.

02. January 2020 by admin
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