Redefining the promotion strategy of Marathi plays in the Digital era

In a day and age where everything needs to go viral, Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta, a Marathi play starring Prashant Damle and Kavita Medhekar, approached us for the promotion of the play.

At Setu, as we sat down to discuss the communication and promotion strategy for the play, we realised that even though the times have changed, the promotion of Marathi plays is still very traditional. A display ad in leading newspaper publications, a few days before the first show- this is what happens even today. Today, when even a web series is promoted as aggressively as a film, this promotion strategy sounded outdated. We decided to revamp this promotion strategy to suit today’s times.

Since the play had a stellar star cast and good content, we knew the product at hand was good. And while it was not a typical sequel, the name resonated with a highly successful Marathi play with the same star cast from the late nineties- Eka Lagnachi Goshta.

Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta centred around the mid-life crisis faced by the male protagonist, played by Prashant Damle. We used this thread to create the teaser promotion for the play. A Facebook live video where Prashant Damle spoke about mid life crisis, started the buzz. This was followed by content revolving around mid-life crisis; obviously in a humourous tone.

‘Mala Sanga’- a superhit song from the original play was shot and shared on various social media platforms. It not only went viral, but reconnected the people with the nostalgia of the original play. We followed it up with introducing the new characters from Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta, to build curiosity about the play. We gave people reasons to watch this play even if they hadn’t seen the previous one.

Going beyond the digital medium for promotion, we proposed and executed a strategic collaboration between the play and Ravetkar Housing, a reputed name in Pune’s redevelopment segment. The brand’s home buyers and customers were in perfect sync with the play’s target audience. Using the outdoor medium, curiosity was built about the play with a message “Sukh Mhanje Kaay Asta” (What is happiness); lyrics from the song ‘Mala Sanga’.

At the first show of the play, we continued these online and offline engagements via fan connect activities, Facebook Live etc.

The result was immensely satisfying. The first 25 shows of the play were houseful within a week of announcement. The bigger delight- we were able to redefine how play’s are promoted in the digital age.

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